The Course : The soft tissues & the hard tissues

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MB – Dr. S. Marcus Beschnidt | RS – Prof. Dr. Dr. Rudolf Seemann


This is a completely new approach to a surgical & anatomical course for dentists and oral surgeons.
THE COURSE is a comprehensive completely practice-oriented learning event.
The first day will be THE THEORY on human anatomy related to dental surgery. The subjects are divided in THE SOFT TISSUES & THE HARD TISSUES.

The second and the third day are fully devoted to THE PRACTICE; dental surgery in “realistic operations” as in everyday patients.
The operations will concentrate during the first day on “Soft Tissue Handling” including aspects of microsurgical techniques and micro suturing. The second day, with new fresh specimens, will concentrate on the aspects of “Hard Tissue Handling”. All operations will be demonstrated by the course directors via a Zeiss Microscope and flat screen monitors.

In order to profit the most from this extensive hands-on exercises the participant shall bring his/her own magnification loupes >3.5.
The first day will be closed up with a joint evening dinner with the speakers in one of the many outstanding restaurants in Vienna.

The Level of THE COURSE is “The high level” from experienced experts to you.


DAY 1, 9 am – 6.00 pm, Hotel Regina


The basics : Anatomical and structural • biological backgrounds Parameters of gingival esthetics

The concept : Principle of microsurgery • Systematics of soft tissue healing

The techniques : Incision techniques • Flap management • Suture techniques


The basics : Anatomical and structural-biological backgrounds • Parameters of morphologic bony changes around implants (3D bone reactions)

The concept : Principle of grafting vs. substituting bone • Systematics of bone healing and bone formation

The techniques : Bone harvesting techniques and instruments • Bone harvesting areas • Handling of bone vs. bone substitutes • Graft-covering techniques

7.30 pm dinner and evening event

DAY 2, 9 am – 6.00 pm, Anatomy First fresh specimens


The essentials : Anatomical oriented multilayer flaps • Harvesting techniques of free and pedicle grafts

The surgeries : ARF (apical repositioned flaps) – Vestibuloplasty (Mucograft®) • Immediate implant with EAT MB (Early Abutment Technique) with CTG • Socket fill (preservation) (Mucograft® vs. CTG) • Recession coverage techniques | (envelope, tunnel, double papilla flap)

The anatomy : Bichat fat pad

DAY 3, 9 am – 6.00 pm, Anatomy Second fresh specimens


The essentials : Access to bony donor sites • Bone harvesting techniques • Mand. angle, tuberosity, chin, tabula ext. • Bone chips (bone mill, scratchers, drills)

The surgeries • GBR (Bio-Oss®, Bio-Gide® sliced MB technique, pins) – Poncho flap • Onlay graft (J-graft) Bone Ring with Impl., MCBB (bonescrew, membrane) – Multi layer flap • Bone shell-technique (bonescrew) in combination with Bio-Oss® • Bone splitting • Sinus lift (intern/extern) |

The anatomy (half head) : N. alveolaris inf. + N. mentalis • N. lingualis • A. palatina • and other structures

DAY 4, 9 am – 2 pm, Hotel Regina


The collateral securities MB • Identification of patients at risk • Pre- and postoperative patient management


The collateral securities MB • Identification of patients at risk (bisphosphonates, radiated patients, osteoporosis) • Pre- and postoperative patient management

Durée du cours : 4 jours
Langue: anglais
Niveau: Expérimenté
Inclus : Supports pédagogiques (papier + USB), attestations de présence.