Digital Implantology using CEREC®

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The course is flexible enough that it can provide a robust learning experience for clinicians who
have either a basic or advanced clinical experience level.
The two implant systems iSy and Conelog will be used, including the Ti-Bases for CAD/CAM and
scan post for direct and indirect digital impressions.
Guided surgery for implant restorations is introduced using the CEREC® workflow guide 2 system
software. The five-step Digital Assisted Protocol (DAP technique) technique to design implant
restorations is also discussed.
During the hands-on module, participants design implant-borne restorations using the CEREC®
software; plan a guided surgery case and perform the bonding procedure on the Ti-Bases.
Combining theory and hands-on, the live-surgery will cover the iSy or Conelog implant placement,
the digital impression, the hybrid abutment design, the milling procedure of the abutment/crown
and the bonding procedure on the Ti-Base.
Dentists must have:
advance knowledge of implantology
have a focus on digital dentistry