Digital Dentistry week

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Module 1 Highlights
DVT technology is explained. Learn to interpret DVT/CBCT images and understand the principles
of 3-dimensional representation.

Module 2 Highlights
Intraoral scan, data matching
Understand how to match the STL surface data with the DICOM data from the CBCT scan. Create
printed models with a model builder software.

Module 3 Highlights
Restoration design, guide design
Recieve a basic 3Shape Implant Studio™ course and begin using the latest software to design
implant borne restorations.

Module 4 Highlights
Guided Surgery
Learn the advantages of guided surgery and gain first experience using a guide template to
place several training implants in a model. The different guide designs are introduced, with the
advantages and disadvantages explained. Experts demonstrate handling the template during
a live guided surgery.
Dentists must have:
a certain affinity to new technologies
practical use of standard implantology techniques